About Us

Our mission at AndStill.com is to offer high-quality AND STILL CHAMPION™ clothing and sportswear and inspire visitors by sharing insightful stories about champions who have achieved enduring greatness by rising to the top and staying there.  At AndStill.com you can find clothing and gear that reflects your desire BE YOUR BEAST.

AND STILL CHAMPION™ represents enduring greatness.  For over 100 years, these words have defined the moment when a champion has successfully defended the title against a worthy contender. The battle is over, the winner’s hand is raised, and the announcer’s voice thunders: “the winner…AND STILL CHAMPION!”

Words that best describe the AND STILL CHAMPION™ brand are enduring, confident, committed, proud, and acclaimed.  It is a call to the competitive spirit.  

AND STILL CHAMPION™ clothing is made for determined, approachable champions who strive to be and stay their best. It’s for fierce competitors who enthusiastically stare down adversity and steadfastly refuse to give into negativity or adopt a victim mentality.  It’s for people like you who perform at their highest level of intensity and understand what it means to BE YOUR BEAST.